👋 I'm Andrew, an experienced freelance software developer

About Me

I have over 25 years of experience in designing and writing business application software. I have worked with clients from many industries including Healthcare, Finance, Insurance and Construction to name a few.

A full stack developer specialise in mainly Micosoft tools using modern technologies.

I deliver high-quality, user-friendly solutions. If you are looking for a reliable, professional, and creative software developer, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you and discuss your project needs.

  • Full Name : Andrew Spencer
  • Date of Birth: not sayin
  • Website : compukey.co.uk
  • Email : aspencer@compukey.co.uk
Bespoke Software Development

Web Development

We build solutions for the Internet/Intranet using ASP.Net Core utilising its powerful built-in security models. In particular, we have extensive experience in building Portals for Business Systems. The timescales for small to medium sized projects taking typically between one to three months development time.

Database Design

Profound knowledge and extensive hands-on experience designing relational databases using MS SQL Server and Oracle. Ensuring that data can be accessed securely and efficiently.


Database Reporting. Advanced database queries and their usage in producing Charting Information.


Here are some Projects that utilise different technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Costs would be cheaper as I do not have big overheads.

You would have a highly experienced developer 100% of the time.

High quality work.


Yes, I can provide ongoing support for as long as you like.

Pricing can be built into the over all package.

Typically, I handle projects that take 2 - 3 months in duration from concept to completion.

Mostly yes. However, I do have access to other highly competent professionals such as designers and project managers.

Typically, I woud take an upfront fee of 40% with purther payments made after the completion of deliverables. It depends on the scale and complexity of the project tasks.

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