Web Development

We have experience and expertise in the development of secure, robust and scalable web-applications. We use Microsoft ASP.NET, C# or VB.NET technologies.


Security of these web applications can be a major concern. We ensure that our web applications are secure by using protocols like HTTPS and SSL when required. We encrypt all sensitive data before storing it in the database, which are later decrypted before presenting it the respective end-user. Tokenization of URLs can also done to ensure security in web based application.

Javascript and JQuery

Browser client script for the fancy page display effects and convenient validation.

Web Services

Web service integration or development using WSE or WCF.

We develop web service applications that provide scalable services due to a well thought and carefully designed architecture, which provides support to multiple client interactations.

Windows Desktop Development

We have developed various types of desktop application from client/server to xray vision systems.

Integration with third party technologies such as MATLAB, Datastreams, Win32 API, Serial communication with desktop and PLC's, Real time image processing programming


Utilising the MWArray structure for integration with MATLAB developed Dll's which communicated data for a number crunching analytics tool.


Using multiple threads can help you achieve greater performance, scalability, and responsiveness in your applications. We understand the benefits and drawbacks of this technology.


We use Microsofts SQL Server, Access and Oracle databases

Database Design

Compukey  have extensive experience in the design of relational databases including indexing and performance tuning.

Database Integration

Integrating a designed database with our custom built software whether the underlying applications is web, windows or mobile.

Transact SQL

Experience in writing complex database queries for stored procedures and reporting. We understand the need for speed and how to maximise retrieval.

Data Migrations

Data migrations from various formats and schema into relational database tables using scripting techniques or SSIS as a workflow tool.

Reporting and SSRS

SQL Server Reporting Services is a solution that is web server based. It will create, manage, and deliver reports in a wide variety of different formats and the tool enables speedy implementation and deployment of these reports. In addition to handling reports in various formats, SQL Server Reporting Service has seemless integrated with many Microsoft procucts such as Office, Sharepoint and its other mapping tools.

SSRS utilises a powerful and flexible role based security mechanism. These reports can easily be integrated into ASP.NET created web systems.


We use Microsoft Test for automated testing of our database and business logic layers.

We use these in conjuction with hand testing to pre written document scripts.